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2sxc Licenses & Features

2sxc has thousands of features. The following features can be globally enabled/disabled or require a license.

Core (for everyone, free)

The core license - all the free features. This license is always enabled. 

This is the default license which is auto-enabled for everybody. It covers 99.9% of all features. The following features are special and can be enabled/disabled as desired:

  1. Dnn/Evoq - Use standard PageWorkflow settings Use the Dnn PageWorkflow (on by default, can be disabled)
  2. Edit UI - Show Metadata-For Show indicator in Edit UI if the current item is metadata for something else.
  3. Edit UI - Show Notes
  4. Edit UI - WYSIWYG - Paste text with formatting Enable paste to preserve formatting.

Core+ (free if you register)

Free features for everybody that registers their systems.
All security relevant features are in this group, so we can notify you if something critical appears. 

  1. Custom WebAPIs - save files into ADAM let app-specific WebAPIs use ADAM to save attachments
  2. Edit UI - Allow Debug Mode for Editors Special debug mode which is usually reserved to admins.
  3. Permissions - Configure by Group / Role Set data-edit permissions for specific user groups
  4. Permissions - Configure by User Set permissions specifically to a user identity
  5. Permissions - Use Module Permissions when accessing other Apps Give restricted editors more permissions when editing inner content.
  6. Public Forms - allow file upload for website visitors Lets public forms also upload files in hyperlink, library and wysiwyg-fields
  7. Public Forms - Use the edit UI as input form for visitors use the 2sxc form for public input - like to place orders or in public directories
  8. Razor-Render - ThrowPartial Debug enhancement: only throw errors on sub-components
  9. Razor-Render - ThrowPartial for SystemAdmin Debug enhancement: only throw errors on sub-components but only for SystemAdmins.

Patron Basic

These license is for small patrons of 2sxc who wish to support us just a little bit 😉. It activates some nice goodies. 

This is the most basic license. Goodies include:

  1. Edit UI - Hide 2sic-sponsoring Messages Hide "sponsored with 💖 by 2sic" on ADAM
  2. Edit UI - Paste Image from Clipboard Enable images from clipboard to be pasted into a link and wysiwyg field
  3. GPS - Set Custom Defaults Configure system-wide defaults for the GPS picker.

Patron Advanced CMS

These license activates some advanced CMS features.

  1. Copyright Management (WIP v17) TODO
  2. Edit UI - Auto-Translate with Google Translate Auto translate content in the Edit UI using Google Translate.
  3. Languages - Advanced Language Fallback (beta) Languages - Customize language fallback sequence
  4. Shared Field Configuration Management (WIP v17) TODO

Patron Perfectionist

This is for people who really care about the output, user experience and especially the PageSpeed ⚡ ranking.

This is for patrons who create websites that must be perfect. It enables features like advanced images and the Lightspeed cache. 

  1. Image Service - auto convert to formats like WEBP Enable auto-convert to WebP and other modern formats.
  2. Image Service - auto generate multiple sizes (SrcSet) Enhance generated HTML with optimised srcset information.
  3. ImageService - set "sizes" on img tags Enhance generated HTML with sizes attribute.
  4. ImageService - use "factors" for pixel-perfect sizes Get full control over auto-generated image sizes.
  5. LightSpeed - OutputCache Makes pages load five to ten times faster - with fewer server resources.
  6. LightSpeed - OutputCache - Use AppFileChanges Monitor Monitor the App folder for changes to flush the cache.

Patron Sentinel

For the security pro who likes tight control of security 🔒.

Give your site Fort-Knox security boost with CSP and special GDPR protection.

This enables Content Securitp Policy CSP features which will automatically generate the correct CSP headers for every single page. Each piece on the page can tell the CSP system what it needs, and will automatically white list exactly that.

  1. CDN - Custom CDN for Edit Web Resources Use a custom CDN for all web resources used in the Edit UI
  2. CDN - Custom CDN for Public Web Resources Use a custom CDN for all public web resources
  3. ContentSecurityPolicy Enables CSP (Content Security Policy) to help you protect your website.
  4. ContentSecurityPolicy - Enable TestUrl Provides a special URL for developers to test CSP rules before publishing.
  5. ContentSecurityPolicy - Enforce (temporary) Feature to enforce CSP across all Apps.

Patron SuperAdmin

These license is given to patrons of 2sxc and activates various features, such as more automation and more administration features. 

  1. App Auto-Installer - Configure Configure which apps can be auto-installed.
  2. App Sync with ADAM and Site Files Sync Apps from development to production with assets and more.

Patron Infrastructure

These license enables Infrastructure optimizations, for example data base compressions which make the SQL much smaller. A real cost-saver!

  1. Database - Compress Data Enable SQL to compress the versioning data by ca. 75%

Enterprise CMS

For Enterprise CMS features like permissions by language or sharing global Apps across Sites. 

If you run a very large system, or a system with many portals using the same apps, you need the Enterprise CMS extensions. It enables

  1. Ability to share the same App definitions across hundres of portals, each having it's own data but re-using content-types, views and queries
  2. Restrict translators to edit only specific languages
  1. Edit UI - Disable Draft Prevent editors from creating draft data.
  2. Global Apps which can be inherited on multiple sites Activate Global Apps which can be Inherited in other Sites
  3. Permissions to Translation only specific Languages Enable editing permissions per language.

WebFarm Cache

Enables the use of the WebFarm Cache.

This is used to synchronise web server caches across multiple websites in Farm Scenarios.

  1. Web Farm Caching - DNN Farm - Debug Mode Special debug mode to find problems if something malfunctions.
  2. Web Farm Caching - DNN Farms Enable WebFarm functionality in 2sxc