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Feature Details

Public Forms - Use the edit UI as input form for visitors

use the 2sxc form for public input - like to place orders or in public directories

With this feature enabled, the site will allow apps/views to provide public forms for non-editors. 

This is a safe feature - just enabling it will not open up permissions yet. But after enabling this, you can set rules such as:

  • Anonymous users may create new items
  • Anonymous users may create new items, but they must be saved as draft
  • Registered users can create new items and also edit the items they created
  • etc.
Manual / Docs


This feature is free.

This feature requires the following license: Core+ (free if you register) (0 credits)

Technical Specs

Name ID: PublicEditForm

GUID: d93baf71-74c6-4956-9fe0-8281acdfd14a

2sxc Min Version: 09.30.00