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Feature Details

App Sync with ADAM and Site Files

Sync Apps from development to production with assets and more.

2sxc has a built in feature to save the entire App-state to the file system, which you can then copy to another server and re-import. 

This feature enhances it by 2 important aspects:

  1. It also adds ADAM assets (which are not normally in the App folder) to the synchronised data
  2. It also allows auto-importing new Apps directly from a folder - without creating App-install zips first


This feature is only for patrons / supporters of 2sxc.

This feature requires the following license: Patron SuperAdmin (10 credits)

Technical Specs

Name ID: AppSyncWithSiteFiles

GUID: 35694e6b-cd2f-4634-9ecf-5bd6fd14d9a1

2sxc Min Version: 09.23.00