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Feature Details

Razor-Render - ThrowPartial for SystemAdmin

Debug enhancement: only throw errors on sub-components but only for SystemAdmins.

Razor templates can call other razor templates. 

By default, any error in any of these templates will result in the entire HTML showing an error, which makes it harder to spot where the problem came from.

By enabling this feature, errors in sub-components will show up as an error, but not stop the rest of the Razor from executing, making it much easier to spot the problem.

This feature only enables the ThrowPartial for SystemAdmin (Host) users.


This feature is free.

This feature requires the following license: Core+ (free if you register) (0 credits)

Technical Specs

Name ID: RenderThrowPartialSystemAdmin

GUID: 5b0c9379-2fef-4f6e-9022-4d3c50e894e5

2sxc Min Version: 13.06.00