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Feature Details

Edit UI - Paste Image from Clipboard

Enable images from clipboard to be pasted into a link and wysiwyg field

This feature will enable users to paste images from clipboard directly into the following fields:

  1. Link / File

The image in the clipboard can come from the following sources:

  1. Directly from the clipboard - like a screenshot
  2. A file from the file system, which was copied from file explorer

Also good to know:

  1. Images will be saved as PNG
  2. On paste you'll be asked to provide a file name which defaults to image so it would save image.png or if the file already exists, image-2.png etc.
  3. This works with all kinds of bitmap, but will not work if the image has transparent parts, because transparency in the clipboard isn't standardized, so browsers can't do this as of now.


This feature is only for patrons / supporters of 2sxc.

This feature requires the following license: Patron Basic (2 credits)

Technical Specs

Name ID: PasteImageFromClipboard

GUID: f6b8d6da-4744-453b-9543-0de499aa2352

2sxc Min Version: 09.30.00