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Feature Details

Image Service - auto convert to formats like WEBP

Enable auto-convert to WebP and other modern formats.

Enable the picture-tag created by an Image-Service to also provide better format alternatives like WebP on known formats like JPEG.

Without this feature the Image Service will resize the image as expected, but WITH the feature it will automatically give the browser better alternatives if the browser can handle it. 

So if you create an img or a picture tag it will auto-include newer formats like WEBP.

Benefits: faster pages, better google PageSpeed rankings.

For further details, explore the tutorial.

Manual / Docs


This feature is only for patrons / supporters of 2sxc.

This feature requires the following license: Patron Perfectionist (10 credits)

Technical Specs

Name ID: ImageServiceMultiFormat

GUID: 4262df94-3877-4a5a-ac86-20b4f9b38e87

2sxc Min Version: 13.00.00