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This feature is still in beta / preview mode.
Feature Details

Edit UI - Auto-Translate with Google Translate

Auto translate content in the Edit UI using Google Translate.

This feature enhanced the multi-language editing experience. 

It allows editors to automatically translate content from one language to another using Google Translate. 

Note that after activating the feature it will also guide you to get a Google API key to use Google Translate (free for about 500'000 words per month).

Manual / Docs


This feature is only for patrons / supporters of 2sxc.

This feature requires the following license: Patron Advanced CMS (10 credits)

Technical Specs

Name ID: EditUiTranslateWithGoogle

GUID: 353186b4-7e19-41fb-9dca-c408c26e43d7

2sxc Min Version: 15.00.00